Monday, January 12, 2009

So is this Yet Another Go?

J. is posting a "let's get this party started" post to the Guild List. Poor dear was worried I'd be put out but I reassured that he's in the Inner Circle (people I dearly love/respect/honor) he'd never be able to do such a thing. Esp. as he's being mature to my pouty kid routine.

So I guess this means I need to catch up on my list reading and have another go.

I also shared status comments with another Guild leader who I respect as well, and suggested we need to get likkered up and have a chat. I think it'd be a good dose of reality for me.

My biggest issue is trying to separate out my vision/wishes from what is possible plus what others have as their vision. Unfortunately, I'm not having good luck convincing people of my vision. Much simpler in my work where I can just code and go - this whole "reality" thing is way overrated in some ways. Guess I just need to work out some Middle Way somehow to at least get some good out of the revival of the Guild - doesn't look like my wish to just let it die is gonna fly.

Sad that.

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