Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ok let's give this another go ...

So again I send Selene an email (after asking her at S'land how's the best way to get in touch with her) asking about my errant officers, and I get a response back from her ISP saying that delivery is going to be held up because of DNS issues.

Sheesh - this whole enterprise seems cursed.

Raven got his consecration, so bringing up the whole "how do you like my little revolution?" talk seemed a bit ... selfish. Maybe I can grab him on the phone at some point and walk thru it.

I've also offered the Preceptor position to Brandon, but I'll need confirmation from Selene before I do that (well, I don't, not really, but it'd be best.) Turns our my WOG pal Jeremy would be happy to have it back (!) but that smacks of too much nepotism in my book.

Guess we'll just have to see.

Elections are coming up soonly, so I need to get all this in order by 9/15 or thereabouts. Jenni actually had a PP made up for last times timeline (!). That's our Jenni!

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