Friday, January 06, 2012

An end to an era

(sings) "And so we have come to an end... it's time to say 'So Long, my friends'..." Just posted the new ballot this morning, with only 3 nominations and 5 voters, I expect it will be very soon that I'll be out of a job and this blog will be named appropriately. I've mixed feelings - sad that J felt the need to leave, but happy that I was able to convince him that recognizing people for >>doing<< was better than recognizing for >>having done<<. Obviously, that was lost on the latest crop of hopefuls and will likely be totally reversed and the Guild will have a more "normal" get-your-sash-and-sit-on-your-laurels-forever style that seems to be more to the taste of the usual member. I have some other ideas going forward. Was considering a try at an Order but ultimately that just buys into the whole conceit and validates Bad Ideas. I'm thinking I need to practice writing more - playing around with ideas about religion and patriotism and Good Citizenship. Working title: "What would Merlin do..."

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Caroline said...

yes, write more!